Application Agreement

  1. This Application must be accompanied by a NON-REFUNDABLE Application Fee.  The fee is used to help defray the cost of processing this application.  We may require payment to be made by certified funds or money order.
  2. An Application Deposit may be required to accompany this application, and IS NOT a Security Deposit.  It will be credited toward the Security Deposit after the lease has been signed by all of the applicants.  We may require payment to be made by certified funds or money order.
  3. We will notify you of your approval in person, by telephone, letter, or email.  Any notice to or from one applicant for this apartment is considered notice to all of the applicants for this apartment.
  4. If any applicant withdraws their application prior to acceptance or after acceptance, we may terminate this agreement with no further obligation.
  5. If accepted, all of the applicant(s) must sign the lease by the move-in date or we may terminate this agreement with no further obligation.  Any request to extend the move-in date must be received by us in writing before the move-in date.  The Management may grant an extension or terminate this agreement with no further obligation.  If your move-in date is thirty (30) days after the approval date, additional approval may be required. 
  6. All deadlines falling on weekends or holidays will be extended to the end of the next business day.
  7. The Application Deposit will be refunded UNLESS (a) any applicant has given incomplete, false or misleading information on their application; or (b) this agreement is terminated by the applicant; or (c) applicant is approved but fails to move in or sign a lease or (d) the applicant is conditionally approved, meets the conditions, but fails to move in.
  8. "We", "us" and "our" refer to the owner of the apartment community.


  • The undersigned person represents that all of the above statements are true and complete and hereby authorizes verification of said information through consumer reports, rental history, employment, criminal reports and any other means necessary to obtain information. 
  • Failure to answer any of the information or providing false or misleading information will entitle us to reject this application. 
  • You acknowledge and agree that if your application is approved and we later determine that you omitted or misrepresented anything on this application, it is a breach of your lease and could result in your being evicted. 
  • We reserve the right to furnish information to third parties about lease obligation performance, which may include both favorable and unfavorable information.